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Investment focus on acquiring equity interests in German seed companies and start-ups with innovative product ideas.

In addition to capital, we bring know-how and a broad network to the table. If necessary, we draw on renowned partners with likewise existing, sustainable industry expertise, who bring your product and your goals forward.



Kurant GmbH was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of Coinfinity GmbH’s vending machine activities, which were started in 2014, and is now the market leader for the operation of Bitcoin vending machines in Europe. Our goal is to make the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin or Dash fast, secure and easy for you. As the oldest operator of Bitcoin ATMs in Austria, we can look back on more than seven years of stable growth and meanwhile operate around 200 ATMs in Austria, Greece, Spain and Germany.



We exist to give people full control over their data while earning real money for sharing it with consumer brands. In times of complete digitalisation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep control over your own data.

Nasal compress

The nose cooling pad from the company “feeL concepts” provides rapid cooling in the area of the nose. The tip of the nose, nostrils and nasal bone can be cooled over a wide area. The functionality of the cooling pad can also be used as a heat pad due to its special composition (heat-resistant gel) and works like all commercially available pads.

The area of application is wide-ranging in the health market. It is used for quick cooling in case of bruises, impacts or fractures.

The nasal bone is fixed by an integrated steel rod so that it can be easily attached to the nose. The steel rod is coated with a nickel alloy and is located in an integrated pocket on the pad. To prevent freezer burn, we have developed a non-woven cover in the form of a washer.


Berlinese - the typical Bolognese

The strength of the Berlinese is its taste! That is why the new Berlinese, with its attachment to the region of Berlin and the surrounding area, is more than a logical consequence, but rather a passion. With an age-old recipe, the Bolognese enchants the palates of its customers. In addition to the classic ingredients of a Bolognese, it’s all about the gentle and special preparation that makes the taste one of the best Bolognese in the world.



spot9 is a young, Berlin-based FinTech start-up that is set to change the financial world for good. CEO Johannes Gorski and his team are working from the German capital on their mission to revolutionise daily payment transactions. In doing so, spot9 is the disruptor within the financial industry, thinking innovatively and making the world of cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone.

Simple, secure and free financial transactions are our core business and guiding principle. To this end, spot9 operates fully regulated crypto ATMs in Germany that offer everyone convenient access to the world of digital currencies. On this basis, the team behind spot9 is also working on other future-oriented financial innovations. In doing so, the company is pursuing the vision of making it possible for every customer to buy and store cryptocurrencies securely in the future.

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In a world where everyday work is constantly changing, the needs of human resources are also evolving. At Kenjo, we support HR departments on their way to becoming the strategic centre of the company. Because only in this way, can people develop their full potential and companies be put on the road to success.

Kenjo was founded by a group of ambitious people who are passionate about the advancements in human resources. They understand that positive change in the workplace means happier employees and higher performance.

HR Tool


Tasty in Berlin Köpenick stands for healthy and sustainable food. In addition to bowls, kumpir and salads, you will also find freshly squeezed smoothies. We want to offer every customer a special fresh experience and promote the topic of nutrition sustainably.

We work with regional farmers to offer the best food and quality to our customers.

We look forward to your visit. See you later at Tasty.


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Johannes Gorski


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Felix Greuner

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